Thursday, November 10, 2011

Joe Pa Fired

Yesterday news broke that Joe Paterno would be retiring at the end of the year in the middle of a sex scandal involving one of his assistants from years ago. Personally i think it's crap that he is taking the fall for this. He told his supervisor and university police who in turn did nothing and let this thing continue for years. Joe Paterno did his job in informing those who were above him and it was those people like the AD (Spanier) who are responsible for the continuation of this horrible thing. Also I think the media has blown this way out of proportion and needs to back off, because Paterno is a great man and an even better coach. Joe Paterno has been Penn State for the last 40 years, without him their football program is obsolete, and the character of the kids they bring in is half of what they are today. I think what disappoints me the most is seeing former Penn State players jumping ship on Joe Pa. he took them and taught them valuable lessons of hard work and perseverance, but as soon as trouble strikes they abandon him like it's nothing. Those players should be standing up for him not sitting in suits on sportscenter saying how much of a disgrace he is. Joe Paterno is arguably the greatest sports coach of all-time and he has been as loyal and hard working as any player he has ever coached. The man is a living legend and the people he thought were close to him have now thrown him out on the street at the first chance. Penn State is making a huge mistake and they know it.

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