Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just Your Regular Tuesday Night

Tuesday was not the most exciting day in sports but there were a few funny highlights I enjoyed. The most entertaining had to be the Cavaliers winning the first and fourth pick in the upcoming NBA draft. The reason it was funny is because Cavs owner Dave Gilbert, one year removed from his nasty comments about Lebron, was worried about saying too much on the subject of who they were looking to draft number 1 overall. Seriously? I mean this guy disgraced himself and his organization with his comments about Lebron, but he's too afraid for his job to say a word about the upcoming draft. Another thing that I recognized on Tuesday was that Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks are really good. And if Dirk keeps playing the way he is, there is no way anyone can beat them. On a side note I am really looking forward to the May 28th Champions League Final between Barcelona and Manchester United. I think the game is going to be very close but my prediciton is Barcelona 2-1.
Last but not least tonight's game between the Heat and Bulls will be more exciting than the first but with the same outcome.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

NBA Playoffs

When the season started, or after "The Decision" was made I was not a huge Lebron James fan. I had watched him every year that he was in Cleveland, and yes I loved to watch him play cause he was a live highlight reel. However the way he handled the off season was disrespectful and just plain awful. He could have easily released a statement once his decision was made to go to Miami. I understand and respect the decision he made, because look at him now, but he could have handled it better. That said he has been one of the top three players in the league yet again, and has proved that he belongs with the great names in professional basketball. He has also made me a fan once again, with his heroic play in the Celtics series I could not have been more interested in a basketball player, than I am with him right now. Needless to say without his "decision" we would not be at the point to where we can watch three superstars play together on the same team. Finally with the western conference being so crazy this year I hope the grizzlies win it all. They are the most exciting team right now, and just seeing that 8 seed next to their name is impressive enough, without even knowing that this is the first of everything for Memphis. Their first playoff win, their first playoff home win, their first series win, and their first game seven appearance as a franchise.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has recently had a huge downturn in his game, and I know that I've been faithful and hopeful that he would return to his old self once he shrugged off his scandal. However in light of his most recent injury that has him pulling out of The Players Championship, I'm beginning to believe that this could be the end of an era for El Tigre. This last injury if persistent enough may end up forcing Tiger to take another year off, and at his age this would be catastrophic, and would ultimately end his career as a professional golfer. I know golf seems boring to some people, but when Tiger Woods is in the hunt for another major championship, late in the fourth round, no one can resist the intensity he brings. However Tiger needs to worry more about continuing his career than breaking Jack's record. I hope to see Tiger back at full strength soon, cause he is not only good for golf, but for the sports world in general.